Saturday, June 23, 2007

Staley's visit the Oregon Coast and Aquarium

One of our favorite places to visit as a family is the Oregon Coast. The weekend of Sofia's 3rd birthday (June 9-10th) we traveled to gorgeous Newport, OR, for a fun-filled visit with our wonderful friends from Utah, the Lane-Reed family. The first day included rainy--misty weather quite typical for Oregon and a visit to the Oregon Coast Aquarium. We spent the evening cooking an awesome mexican dinner and playing the movie version of the game, Scene It. Let's just say I didn't have a chance at winning that game! The second day brought a 180 degree change in weather complete with warm temperatures, sunshine, mostly clear skies, playing in the sand, and running away from the waves as they crashed the shore.

The star attracation at the Oregon Coast Aquarium right now is the Claws exhibit. Claws explores the adaptations and remarkable diversity of crabs, lobsters, shrimp, isopods and copepods. This picture is of a strikingly peculiar Japanese snow crab.

Get a load of this bad boy! We couldn't stop staring at it as it moved it's countless arms. Simply amazing.
From left to right Diana Lane Reed (in the hat), Sofia, and I touch the live starfish.
Sofia has been learning a lot about sharks, fish, and other curious ocean creatures lately. We loved being able to show her the real deal as it sealed her knowledge of these amazing creatures.
Nemo lives at the Oregon Coast Aquarium! The minute Sofia laid eyes on him she shouted, "Mami, look, It's Nemo!"


Good old fashioned family fun. Sofia loved running up to the water just before it crashed into the shore and then running away as the water chased us. We also had sand fights throwing sand all over each other. Sofia won by a landslide!

Thanks again Lane-Reed family for an unforgettable weekend. To all of you out there who have never been to the Oregon Coast or haven't visited it for years, it's time. Make a trip there this summer while it's somewhat warm!!!

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