Sunday, June 24, 2007

Happy 3rd Birthday Sofia!

Sofia turned 3 and we celebrated with a Dora la Exploradora fiesta on Saturday, June 16, 2007. Here are some of the killer highlights...

Make a wish Sofia!

Chocolate Cake is YUMMY!

Back in the old days we all played the game, "Pin the tale on the donkey." Well fast forward about 20 years and you've got "Pin the bracelet on Dora's wrist!" This pic is Sofia's second time pinning the bracelet. The first time she took off the towel so she could SEE to put it right onto Dora's wrist. Silly Sof.

Chelsea Paniagua attempts to pin the bracelet on while her little brothers, Stefano and Fabricio, watch. Way to go Chelsea!

When it was all said and done everyone was pretty much equal distance from Dora's wrist. Of course, Sofia's first attempt is right on the wrist. We called it a 7-way tie and everyone won! A variety of bubbles and stickers were awarded to the kids.

Bubbles are just plain fun. No matter how old you are they rock! Notice the Cinderella heels Sofia is sporting...they're her favorite!

Big Bro Bub, Sissy Maria, and fam. What a handsome family. Love you guys!

Cousin Allison. I like to call this the "whatever picture."

Family and friends good times! I just love Sid's red hair!!!

Thanks to everyone who came and all of the long distance friends and family who sent their best wishes for Sofia's birthday and the fun gifts. Despite her age, I don't believe Sofia will forget her special day. It was a BLAST!!!

Happy 3rd Birthday, Sofia! I love you so much!!!! Love, Mami

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