Monday, April 19, 2010

A Little Dialogue w/My Nearly-Six-Year-Old

Sofia: Whoa! Mom! You've been working really hard to clean the kitchen.

Mami: Why thank you, Sofia. Thank you for noticing...I think it's turned out real nice (subtle Napoleon Dynamite reference)

Sofia: Well you know, Mom, you're going to HAVE to work this hard to clean your room today!

Mami: Yes, Sofia, you're right. Thank you for the reminder. I'm going to get right on that after I finish in here.

Sofia: Great idea!

There is nothing like having a "little" Mami in the house to encourage you. Sofia has become quite the motherly type--definitely the result of being a big sister of a little toddler who adores her--and she does it so well. :) I love my Sof.

Sofia on Easter Morning--sporting her new t-shirt and striking a "look-to-the-side" pose. She is always doing random poses and is so sassy!


Lindy said...

That girl always cracks me up. She defines "sass." Why am I looking forward to hearing your stories of her as a teenager? :)

elcapitanche said...

It's amazing to me how much she's growing up. I'm always impressed to hear what she has to say in relation to the discussion topic. Whenever I want the straight truth without any edits, I go to Sofía. "Papi, the pink tie doesn't look as nice as the yellow one." I love her.

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