Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My One and Only

Forgive the blurry and fuzziness.
This is the last pic we took together and it was with a phone camera and bad lighting! January 2010.

Ryan (David to some) and I have been married for 8 1/2 years. This month we'll celebrate the 9th anniversary of our first date (and yes, we have always celebrated our first date). I can't believe that we've been together nearly a decade. Our marriage has been my greatest accomplishment in life. I'm not saying that having my children, serving a mission, or graduating from college aren't great accomplishments. I simply mean that our nearly nine years of marriage has required more love, sacrifice, and work than any other single thing I've attempted and succeeded.

Our story is special to me and reminds me a lot of the Gospel Principles of unconditional love, sacrifice, forgiveness, and faith. The love that we have has developed and deepened over time. It's been a process that has resulted from really amazing experiences and really difficult times plus all that is in between. Each experience, each moment has deepened our love for each other and the mutual dedication we have to each other and our marriage. If it weren't for the sacrifices and forgiveness we've each given or asked for, we wouldn't still be married. There's something to be said about sacrificing for the benefit and happiness of another.

He loves me.

I still get those butterflies when I pick him up after not seeing him all day. I still feel like the luckiest girl in the world because he is my husband and best friend. I find a lot of comfort and confidence knowing that he stands by me and always will. He gets me and that's one of my favorite parts of our love because I know that whatever he says to me in the best of times and worst of times he does so with all of the love and understanding in the world. I'm proud and fortunate that he is the father to my children. Our girls are the apple of his eye and the way he interacts with them and shows them how much he loves them is priceless. I always wanted a man like Ryan to be the father of my children. I held out until I found him and am so grateful I did. I love you, Ryan.


Vanderlinden Clan said...

i've always thought you guys were great for each other; it's hard to imagine one of you without the other. i laughed though recalling anniversary celebrations. remember where i took you when you were celebrating your 2nd anniversary (i think)? i still laugh every time i think about how out of place we probably were there!! :)
congrats on the amount of time together and making it so wonderful!

Lindy said...

Yay! Marriage really does get easier as time goes on, doesn't it? It's a labor of love, and so worth it. It's sad that so many people give up before it gets good. Love you guys!

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