Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Our Sweet Little Christmas Tree

Staley Christmas Tree 2008

Even though we were spending the majority of the Christmas holiday with the Staleys in Evanston, Wyoming--we had to put up our own tree and decorations. Each family has a different style and traditions when it comes to decorating. Well, our family loves the "hodge podge" Christmas tree. We love to have a large variety of mismatched ornaments that represent different years of Christmas--from our own childhood to the present. Each year when we decorate, we reminisce about the meaning and story of different ornaments while introducing new ones.

Ryan and I started a tradition when Sofia was born to give our children their very own 1st Christmas ornament. Here are some pictures of Sydnei's first ornament.

Every year without fail, Ryan tries to make the Yellow Submarine Beatles ornament the tree topper. It lasts up there right until were about done with the tree--then it's replaced with a real topper! Mr. Submarine always remains toward the top of the tree, though.

Here is my new ornament this year. I don't always get a new ornament but when I saw this one I fell in love. It's from the snowman/smores line of ornaments and goes right along with my other smores ornament that says "I burn 4 U," which I gifted to Ry five or six years ago. So cute! (Unfortunately, I don't have a pic of that one)

When I pulled out the Christmas Tree boxes to set up for our decorating extravaganza, Sofia immediately went to get her new ornament this year, Cinderella, no surpise there. She must have stared at the Princess ornaments in the Disney store for a good 10 minutes trying to pick one of the many. She finally decided on Cinderella--and so did Nana! She received two of these this year--I guess that means her Nana knows her really well! Sofia was very happy to have two Cinderella's. One at home and one at Nana's.

In all her Princess glory....

Fun Times....

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful Tree. Love your tradition of hodge podge decorations, brings back many memories. Princess Sofia picked out a beautiful ornament for the tree. Sydnei's 1st. Christmas ornament is beautiful. I Love her expression helping her Popi put an ornament on the tree, she was serious.
Love, Mom / Mama