Sunday, December 14, 2008

Happy 1/2 B-day Sofia!

Sofia officially turned 4 1/2 years old on December 10th. She's a spunky and imaginative little kid who is headed to kindergarten in only 9 more months! I can hardly believe how fast she is growing up. We did celebrate her birthday back in June but in the last couple of weeks of pregnancy I never got the pics posted. So, I waited until now to celebrate her "half-birthday!"

We enjoyed a small little get together BBQ complete with the "Purple Princess Cake" as requested by the birthday girl:

Keep in mind people, I'm 38-weeks pregnant here. I had so much fun making Sofia's cake. It's on of my favorite Mom things I get to do every year.

In all its glory, the Purple Princess Cake

Blowing out the candle...

Probably her most favorite present of all, compliments of BFF's Natalie, Isabel, and Sophia:

This play kitchen is something Sofia had wanted for a really long time. She chose to purchase this with b-day money she received:

It's seriously the coolest play kitchen ever. She has a TON of fun playing and cooking in it!

She received some really cool presents from friends and family including: nail polish (Ame & Makai), sidewalk paint (Aunt Carlee), Hannah Montana coloring set (Ame & Makai), Cinderella play set (Uncle Kris & Cousin Jordan), a Leap Frog word whammer (Nana & Grandpa), and a purple hippo (Uncle Bub & fam). Holy cow, that's a lot. She's enjoyed playing with everything and was so grateful for everyone who thought of her on her birthday. We are grateful too.


Daisy said...

So fun. The cake is darling. I'm wondering where you got the kitchen. It's perfect!

And I can't believe Sofia is so close to Kindergarten. :( Marcela is well on her way too. :( :) :( Mixed emotions.

How did Sof handle a new sibling? Any suggestions on how to handle that? I'm concerned about Marcela.

Emily said...

She IS growing so fast! Wow! Happy Birthday! Ahhh...6months late, that is! Where did you get her play kitchen?