Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Sofia is going to be a Big Sis!

On or around June 24, 2008! I'm 8 weeks pregnant! I'm so sorry to say that I don't have any ultrasound pics to post. We had our first ultrasound yesterday where the three of us got to see the precious little peanut. Unfortunately, the printer connected to the ultrasound was not working so we came home without any proof but the "two" positive pregnancy tests--OH--and my infamous nausea and vomiting.

Sofia couldn't wait to tell her Papi that Mami had a baby in her tummy. 4 weeks ago--we rehearsed it all the way to Papi's work. We planned to tell him over lunch but the minute Papi got in the car that day, Sofia told him she had a secret. It was a precious moment, one I'll never forget. We're so excited to give Sofia a little brother or sister and bring another precious baby into this world.

While the nausea and vomiting are back with a vengeance, there is something different about this pregnancy. I have physical evidence of the perfect little one that awaits at the end. Sofia is a daily reminder of what all the sacrifice will bring in the end. Each time I vomit or simply feel sick to my stomach, Sofia immediately starts singing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star." She's positive it's the cure to feeling crummy--and quite honestly, it's up there next to the killer nausea medication (most often prescribed to chemo patients). :D

As soon as we get an ultrasound picture, we'll post it. We're so excited for our family to grow!


Meredith said...

Congratulations!!! That is so very exciting!

Lori said...

Goodness! Congrats! I'm so happy for you- things are going along just as according to plan! Super cool- I hope the puking subsides for you and you have an easier ride this time around.

JohnPaul said...

felicidades de parte de los parragas

Diana Lane-Reed said...

I am sooo happy for all of you. I was thinking about you on my birthday and remembering how Randy and Ryan were packing and we were just already missing each other a year ago. When we saw you in June I knew that after all those "long" discussions in the suburban, you were in the right place. And now your family is growing!!! I am proud of you that you are doing what you wanted to do and have become such a blogger. I hope the morning sickness subsides quickly. Carly and Kyle are here for the Thanksgiving holiday. We have eaten, played new versions of scene it and WII and shopped, shopped, shopped. We must talk soon. There is so much to catch up...HCI, staff council and Biggest Loser comments. Love to all of you, Diana.

Stormy said...

Thanks, everyone for your kind thoughts and encouragement. It's so nice to read your comments on the blog. Here's to 29 more weeks! Love, Stormy and Ryan